As shopping via social media continues to grow in popularity in the US, eMarketer predicts social commerce sales will be worth over $36 billion in 2021. These numbers are driven by the over 90 million consumers in the US aged 14 and up who are expected to make at least one purchase via social media this calendar year.

When it comes to which platforms consumers are shopping on, Facebook is currently in the number one spot, capturing approximately 22.3% of the sales from US social commerce buyers. Instagram comes in second with 12.9% or 32.4 million social commerce buyers, and Pinterest rounds out the top three with 5.6% or 13.9 million social commerce buyers.

While social commerce makes up just 4.0% of the US retail e-commerce market, that percentage is expected to continue to grow as more and more brands utilize social platforms as a way to reach their audiences. 

As consumers seek out fast and convenient ways to shop, brands must remain vigilant and monitor social media for unauthorized use of their intellectual property.  While all the major social media platforms strive to provide a safe environment for their users, bad actors are constantly finding new and sophisticated ways to take advantage of these communications channels.

Having a comprehensive brand protection strategy that addresses the unique nature of social media will help ensure that your customers, fans, and community continue to enjoy authentic experiences with your brand. 

For more information on how to plan an effective social media enforcement program, we’ve published an informative guide that you can download here. 

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