On Tuesday, September 22 at 2 pm eastern/11 am pacific, Appdetex will be partnering with Law.com and sponsoring a live, complimentary webinar, “Trends in Mobile App Infringement and Enforcement Measures to Take.” 

Bad actors are targeting mobile channels due to the increasing usage and reliance on mobile apps by consumers.  It’s more important than ever for brands to ensure the safety of their consumers and the authenticity of their experiences in mobile, 

While reputable mobile app stores work hard to provide a safe environment, the sheer volume of new apps uploaded every day, the wide range of third-party stores, and the creativity of bad actors mean legal professionals are facing all-new challenges as they work hard to defend their brands, customers and intellectual property.

In the first of a 3-part series, join speakers Fred Felman from Appdetex and Fabricio Vayra of Perkins Coie as they discuss the risks brands face, the remediation avenues that are available to address these risks, and the factors to consider when creating an effective mobile app brand protection strategy.


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