The way we are shopping has dramatically changed. Brick and mortar stores have been facing challenges as more shoppers turned to online shopping and the pandemic accelerated the shift. A recent report from eMarketer bears this out - US e-commerce retail grew by a staggering 33.6% in 2020. 

Savvy physical retailers have taken note of this trend and are adjusting their consumer experiences accordingly. Although e-commerce is expected to grow at a more moderated rate of 13.7% in 2021, many physical retailers are still struggling to bring in consumers for in-person shopping. As a result, some physical retailers are now focused on innovating hybrid systems that combine both the in-person shopping experience with the convenience and speed of digital technology. 

Mobile apps are increasingly being used for everything from price comparisons, cashierless checkout, contactless payments, and digital coupons. Retailers are now encouraging their shoppers to use these apps not only online, but in-store as well. Other innovations include augmented reality (AR) experiences and the integration of social media and live streaming into the shopping experience. 

These digital retail experiences will continue to evolve, with the ‘stores of the future’ helping to create frictionless shopping experiences that utilize the speed of 5G with the convenience of digital and the familiarity of in-person shopping. 

With so many consumers now embracing digital and utilizing mobile apps, it’s critical for brands to ensure the safety and security of their consumer interactions by incorporating a mobile component into their brand protection strategy. With the rise of systemic brand abuse networks and the increasing sophistication of bad actors, it’s vital that brands ensure their brand protection providers are able to meet these challenges.

Unfortunately, legacy brand protection is not able to address the challenges posed by these technologically advanced brand abuse networks. Modern brand protection solutions can identify high-priority brand abusers so you can focus on the most egregious offenders -- and ensure your customers have a safe and authentic experience with your brand.

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