If you haven't already heard about blockchain domain names in the news, you will soon enough. There is significant momentum and investment in blockchain and blockchain domain name providers. There is a lot you'll need to know and learn when it comes to blockchain domain names. 

Are blockchain domain names and Web 3.0 domain names the same thing?

Yes. Blockchain domain names are also referred to as Web 3.0 domain names, NFT domain names, and decentralized domain names.

Are blockchain domain names NFTs?

Yes! While most people think of digital art when they think of NFTs, blockchain domain names are also NFTs. When one purchases a blockchain domain, they are actually minting an immutable NFT (non-fungible token) on a blockchain. This in turn makes it difficult to trace the owners of the domain name and very difficult, if not impossible, to transfer ownership if a domain name was wrongfully/illicitly registered.

Why do people buy blockchain domain names?

Blockchain domains are purchased by individuals who want to replace their long alphanumeric wallet address (i.e, 0xc34506a7b51Dge87c700Rj4R463729486730D6f900n7d1) with a single name wallet addresses (i.e., banana.crypto). They are also used as URLs when creating censorship-proof, peer-to-peer websites through the IPFS (Interplanetary file system), sans centralized servers, and where the NFT domain is used as its address. Others may even buy blockchain domains as an opportunity to profit from their resell.

Who are the leading blockchains that support blockchain domain names and other NFTs?

The leading blockchains for NFTs are the Ethereum blockchain, Solana blockchain, and Avalance blockchain.

What are the most popular blockchain TLDs being purchased today?

Some of the most popular blockchain TLDs include .eth purchased via the Ethereum Name Service, (2) .crypto, .wallet, .nft, .bitcoin, .dao, .zil, and more purchased via Unstoppable Domains, and, (3) .sol purchased from the via Solana Name Service.

Is the process to find brand abuse on blockchain domain names the same as finding abuse on traditional domain names?

No! Finding domain name abuse on blockchain domain names is not the same as finding abuse on a Web 2.0/DNS-based website. For these Web 3.0 blockchain domain names, there isn't a simple WHOIS protocol equivalent. Also, since these blockchain domain names work on the decentralized web (vs. the Web 2.0 DNS web), one cannot do standard search engines queries on Google or other search engines to serve as a reliable discovery tool.

As blockchain continues to grow in popularity, questions about how to protect both intellectual property and consumers will increase as well. If you want to learn more about how you can help keep your brand resilient online in the face of this emerging technology, please contact us, and we’ll be glad to help. 

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