Appdetex is excited to be a sponsor at this year’s World Trademark Review WTR Connect virtual conference. From October 6th to October 15th, World Trademark Review will be hosting more than 20 individual interactive digital sessions, designed to facilitate discussion, benchmarking, and the sharing of best practices around key topic areas and challenges facing trademark and brand leaders.  

On Thursday, October 15th, Appdetex will be taking part in the WTR Connect Masterclass: Online Enforcement which will examine enforcement strategies to counteract new challenges posed by online platforms for brand owners. 

Join Appdetex, Maral Benham-Garcia of Wish, Oscar Benito of GSK, Jeff Bonham of FitBit, and David Llewellyn of Arm as they discuss the dangers facing brands online today. Online platforms are presenting new, unprecedented challenges for brand owners. From social media to e-commerce sites, the landscape in which to protect your brand is constantly growing and so too is the enemy. This masterclass will present tips and tricks for maintaining brand reputation while successfully enforcing online.

To learn more about any of the classes or to register for the event, click here:

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