At Appdetex, we believe a rights protection program must project efficacy and demonstrate impact – most conspicuously through the attenuation of malfeasance, diverted revenues, and brand degradation. Appdetex’s IP protection programs, vetted by our clients, prioritize consistent suppression of transgressive sellers, registrants and developers through same-day threat response methodologies. Through our brand protection programs, we secure the critical benchmarks of restoration of brand security, a lasting reduction of offending content, reporting and targeting recidivist operators, and significant declines in diverted and unrealized revenues attributable to illicit activity.

In our client engagement and brand protection efforts, we demonstrate transparency, competency and efficacy. We correct instances of infringement and other wrongs, restore exploited environments and explore all avenues of remediation with high likelihoods of successful enforcement outcomes.

We believe that transparency and competency in service translates to program success, and ultimately of invoicing commensurate with lasting declines in offending content. More importantly, Appdetex does not invoice through opaque models, but rather on results and actionable intelligence. Appdetex establishes attainable objectives within specific timeframes in order to deliver predictable results.

To meet program objectives, discovery is performed to ascertain the size, scope and severity of the business problem(s) confronting our clients. This foundational due diligence occurs prior to prescribing any mitigation strategy, and has been proven to work for Appdetex clients.

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