The typical social media user spends about two-and-half hours per day on their favorite social media platforms so it’s not surprising that brands are aggressively exploring social commerce on these platforms. 

What is Social Commerce?

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With over 4.5 billion social media users worldwide, or approximately 57% of the global population, social media has become the primary way for people to stay connected, informed, entertained, and now, shop. While social commerce is an exciting way for consumers to connect with their favorite brands, it’s also a trend that has implications for your brand protection strategy. 

In 2021, brands spent a whopping $537 billion globally on digital advertising, with one-third of that devoted to social media advertising. During the same period, social commerce sales totaled over $492 billion globally, indicating that consumers are highly responsive on these popular platforms. 

Social commerce sales are expected to triple by 2025, reaching over $1.2 trillion. And while social commerce represents just 10% of all e-commerce sales today, that number is expected to continue to grow as consumers and brands alike embrace this new shopping style. 

Unfortunately, as with any trend, bad actors have been quick to follow. While all the major social media platforms strive to present safe, secure experiences for their users, bad actors are continuously evolving their methods to circumvent these protections.  Using the same modern marketing techniques as legitimate brands, these bad actors create accounts across multiple digital platforms, using social posts, internet ads, emails, instant messages, and other forms of online promotions and outreach to lure in their victims.  

Brands need to know how and where their trusted logos and intellectual property are being used online and by whom. As the tactics bad actors use continue to grow in sophistication, your brand protection strategy needs to evolve in order to keep pace. 

Legacy brand protection methods aren’t up to the task. You need modern brand protection, with solutions that are able to identify high-value brand abusers and systemic brand abuse networks. This allows you to focus on the most egregious offenders, getting to the heart of the brand abuse networks targeting your brand.  The result? You are helping to ensure your customers have a safe and authentic experience with your brand. 

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