Covid-19 has done more to disrupt the way we live, learn and conduct business than any other event in recent modern history. While we all hope the health crisis will come to an end soon, experts predict many of the changes we have seen are here to stay, especially when it comes to how we shop. Here are three trends we saw in 2020 that are expected to continue to grow in 2021.

E-Commerce Is Here to Stay

Stay-at-home orders and lockdowns forced consumers to turn to online shopping, helping US e-commerce sales to reach an estimated $794.50 billion for 2020. That figure represents an increase of over 32.4% year-over-year. With consumers embracing the ease and convenience of ordering online, it’s predicted that number will reach over $1,204.77 billion by 2024.

Grocery Shopping Is Going Online 

Taking a look at what consumers are ordering online shows more people than ever are doing their grocery shopping online. Orders covering items like groceries and household essentials saw the greatest growth in 2020. Food and beverage sales surged 58.5% and health, personal care, and beauty sales were close behind at 32.4%.

 Consumers Love Curbside

Regardless of what happens in the future with social distancing, click-and-collect e-commerce is predicted to continue to grow. Already popular pre-pandemic as a convenient way to shop, curbside pickup exploded in 2020, increasing 60.4% from 2019 to reach $58.52 billion in sales. 

While the pandemic will eventually abate, it’s clear e-commerce is here to stay. As more consumers turn to online shopping, bad actors are following, looking to take advantage of well-known brands as lures. Ensuring your consumers have safe and authentic experiences with your brand online is critical. To schedule a demo of our products and learn first hand how Appdetex can protect your brand and your consumers, click here.

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