On April 29th, 2020,  Appdetex joined noted security experts Dave Piscitello of InterIsle and Greg Aaron of Illumintel in a webinar discussing "Brand Protection: A crucial layer in a multi-layered defense." Presented in conjunction with the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, the webinar focused on how brands are increasingly being weaponized by bad actors and how forward-thinking organizations are bringing the brand protection organization together with the security team to mitigate these brand-based attacks.

Topics covered include:

  • Multi-Layered defense - brand protection and security team collaboration
  • The evolution of brand-related threats and newly emerging scams
  • COVID-19 and its impact on the threat landscape
  • The impact of GDPR and ICANN’s response on domain enforcement

To learn more about how to optimize your brand protection strategy, click here to watch an on-demand version of this informative webinar.

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