When it comes to what’s top of mind with brand protection professionals across the globe, the only thing hotter than the July sun in the northern hemisphere right now are NFTs, blockchain, and Web3. 

To help keep you up to date on all the current trends, terms, and discussions, here are two hot on-demand webinar replays and three valuable blogs from our archives.  

On-Demand Webinar Replays

“NFTs: Legal and Practical Considerations for Protecting Your Brand”

How do you protect your brand and trademarks in the new world of NFTs? This webinar, moderated by Appdetex founder and Chief Strategy Officer Faisal Shah and industry experts Anne Gilson LaLonde, author of Gilson on Trademarks, Daniel Barsky of Holland & Knight, and Mark Jansen of Fenwick, is a timely discussion focused on this emerging technology. 

Click here to see the webinar replay. You can download the slides from the webinar at this link, too.

"Keynote Fireside Chat: NFTs The rise and rise of the non-fungible token: What are the key considerations?"

With NFTs and the excitement around them continuing to grow, this fireside chat is an in-depth conversation between Appdetex CEO Rick Farnell and industry expert Marc Trachtenberg of Greenberg Traurig. 

Watch the replay. 


Web3: Top Five Brand Protection Strategies

In this blog, we share five brand protection strategies you can implement right now. 

Read the blog.


Blockchain, NFT, Web3: Ten Key Terms You Need to Know

It’s critically important to understand blockchain domains.  How do they impact your brand protection strategy? What’s your plan for registering domain names? Here are 10 key terms you need to know.  

Read the blog. 


Web3 for Brand Protection Pros

What initiatives is your brand investigating or have underway when it comes to Web3?  Find out what brand protection professionals need to know about Web3 and what they can do to get ready for it.

Read the blog.

If you have any questions about NFTs, or any other emerging technologies like Web3 or blockchain, or how they impact your brand protection strategy, why not set up a call with one of our experts?  You can set that up here. 

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