Appdetex, in conjunction with Lexology and World Trademark Review, recently participated in the webinar, “ICANN73: What It Means for Brand Owners.”

Appdetex founder and Chief Strategy Officer Faisal Shah joined a panel of industry experts that included Margie Milam, IP Enforcement and Domain Name Policy Lead at Meta, Mason Cole, chair of ICANN’s Business Constituency, and Susan Kawaguchi, head of Appdetex Policy and Business Development.

The panel discussed the recent ICANN73 meeting.  The ICANN meeting reviewed the current state of policy development for Whois and domain name system (DNS) abuse, as well as government activity. 

With issues still surrounding the ability to obtain valuable registrar information when trying to combat infringement, the panel discussed the proposed standardized system for requesting WHOIS data (SSAD) and how after four years, the implementation process needs more urgency. 

The experts also discussed the importance of citing the DNS Abuse Framework when reporting DNS abuse to registries and registrars. For your convenience, we have linked sample language for reporting DNS abuse language here. 

Other topics discussed included gTLDs and global government interest in DNS outcomes. 

To catch the on-demand replay of the webinar click here. And to download the accompanying slides, please click here.  

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