Bad actors have embraced the digital world like never before, creating networks of systemic brand abuse that are resilient to traditional methods of mitigation. Helping to prevent these bad actors from taking advantage of your intellectual property requires the ability to triage instances of abuse in order to focus on the most egregious offenders. Here are five steps we suggest you take to help make your brand more resilient. 

  • Aggressively monitor

Work cross-functionally with the product, commercial, and marketing organizations at your company to understand the digital journey of your customers. Aggressively monitor those digital channels for abuse targeting your customers' buying journey. 

  • Use advanced technologies to identify systemic brand abuse 

The latest technologies can help you find the bad actors who are most adept at using digital channels to attract your customers. Identifying systemic brand abuse will help you understand where you are most vulnerable and where you’ll get the best “bang” for your brand protection “buck”.

  • Prioritize organized actors

Focusing your brand protection efforts on organized networks of bad actors will yield the best return on investment. While it’s very likely that you are to see an increase in abuse as bad actors continue to find ways to hide their nefarious activities, prioritizing the offenders who display mastery of digital channels will deliver meaningful results.

  • Use advanced attribution techniques

For the largest networks, disassemble how they work and who is behind them. Examining the source code for their web pages and apps, their privacy policies, underlying technologies, and monetization methods will provide solid indicators of the identity of the perpetrators. 

  • Map networks of abuse, disassemble them, and disable promotional and monetization modes

Map these abuse networks so you can identify the ones that are most complicated and use that intelligence to create a strategy to dismantle and disable them. Use the information about the network, its composition, who’s behind it, the damage it causes your company and customers to take the network down from the root, no matter how deeply obscured or complex the network. 

Bad actors are more sophisticated than ever before. As a result, brands must move beyond legacy brand protection methods to make their brands more resilient. With more people relying on digital channels than ever before, it’s vital to have a robust and modern brand protection strategy to ensure your customers have a safe, authentic experience with your brand.  To learn more about how Appdetex can help you keep your brand resilient, click here to request a demo.

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