The global health crisis of 2020 helped drive unprecedented e-commerce growth, reaching $799.18 billion in sales. As the restrictions that helped drive that surge are slowly being lifted, consumers will continue to utilize e-commerce even as they return to in-person shopping. 

A report recently released by eMarketer predicts that while e-commerce growth rates won’t be as high as those seen in 2020, total sales are expected to exceed earlier pre-pandemic estimates. As people return to in-store shopping and begin to spend again on travel and live entertainment, spending will shift away from e-commerce. However, e-commerce will continue to trend upward, with an estimated growth rate of 13.7% in 2021, reaching over $908 billion. 

US Retail Ecommerce Sales

US Retail Ecommerce Sales

This is good news for brands with an e-commerce presence. It also means that brands must work extra hard to ensure their consumers have authentic and safe experiences wherever they choose to shop since bad actors follow consumer behavior. These tech-savvy criminals create sophisticated systemic brand abuse networks to hide their nefarious activities at the expense of trusted brands. Modern brand protection solutions help identify these networks, allowing you to focus on the most egregious offenders.

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