In order to overcome the threat of digital piracy, companies and brand holders must develop robust and comprehensive anti-piracy strategies and review them on a regular basis.  We’ve pulled together our top 5 best-practice suggestions for how an IP holder can help keep their content safe in the event of piracy.[1] 
  1. Register your IP -

     Step number one is to ensure that all IP is properly copyrighted and trademarked. Although copyright and trademarks can’t stop bad actors from pirating your IP, having those legal protections provide you with the strongest position in cases of copyright infringement.
  2. Put Your Copyright Notice in Writing - 

    Make sure you have your copyright notices available on all your digital content. While it won’t prevent piracy, it does let any bad actors know that the content is protected and that you are the legal owner. Should your content end up being pirated and the bad actors caught, having your policy in a visible spot makes it harder for bad actors to claim they were unaware they were committing a crime.
  3. Work with the Authorities –

     Having a good relationship with federal, state, and local government entities will make it easier for you to pursue bad actors should you decide to do so. Establishing relationships with legitimate online marketplaces that deal in the distribution of digital property is also a good idea. Make sure you’re familiar with the take-down policies of most e-commerce platforms and ensure that all your proof of ownership and legal documentation for your IP is current with them as well.
  4. Keep an Eye on the Internet –

     Constant vigilance and monitoring of your IP online allows you to know how and where your IP is being used and by whom. While it’s possible to do this on your own, the vast number of bad actors and the speed at which digital information travels can make this feel like an overwhelming task. Consider hiring a brand protection specialist to monitor the Internet for you.
  5. Enforce Your Copyright Claims –

     The best way to combat online piracy is to show the pirates you’re serious about protecting your IP. This can mean hiring professionals to help you with cease-and-desist letters, DMCA takedowns, and should it come to it, legal action.

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